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Lecture by Andreas Onea

"From the mud hole to the Paraolympics podium" is the title of this event. Andreas Onea will tell how he did not lose courage despite a serious accident in which his left arm was amputated and how he is grateful to God for a fulfilled life. We will use the event to tell people who do not yet know God very well about Jesus.

19 - 22 May 2021 (Wednesday-Saturday)


Family charity flea market

In prayer God gave us the idea to organize a flea market in the parish in Obergrafendorf. We asked the community whether there would be needy families / children in the village and were then recommended to three families with very moving fates.

From this point on, people were busy collecting and asking who would like to give something.

Within a very short time, the warehouse was so full that we could not accept any further donations in kind.

The whole community, as well as non-believing friends and family members, helped together. And so one day before the official start there was a big clearing and finishing action in the parish premises.

Together, as well as God's power, we were able to design the flea market in such a way that there were many compliments on the day of the event, that everything was so well organized and sorted according to product groups. With a little decoration, everything was nicely decorated and made comfortable. In addition to a bistro with great catering, there was also a beautiful wine vault with live music as well as a small punch stand on the outside to warm up.

On this one day, € 4,500.00 was collected, which was brought to the community the following day. Due to the really visible success, we should have attracted attention in the village and we were very surprised when we heard that a few late-decision makers wanted to take part in the matter. Even days later, amounts of money from individuals and companies were brought to the community and collected in the safe there.

In the end, we were able to bless the 3 families with over € 9,000, including a gift basket each with groceries and Christmas cookies.

God is so good !!!

December 14, 2019

Design of the Christmas party Emmaus

Today the Christmas party took place at the Emmaus in St. Pölten / Kalvarienberg. It is an emergency shelter for the homeless. We were allowed to organize and design the celebration as we did a few times before. Last year we visited the women's shelter, today we were with the homeless men.

Some people from the community sang songs with the men, recited poems for them, and also read from the Bible. Someone from our community had over five kilos of cookies baked for this celebration and the coming days in the emergency shelter. It was a very blessed time.

After the official part we all sat at a large table and had a good time. People chatted, laughed, but also prayed for individuals. Anyone who wanted to was given a Bible from us.

In the community we prayed beforehand whether we should do anything else and it gave the impression that we would donate € 500. When we handed the money to the head of the facility, a decision was made immediately what to do with it. A defibrillator was purchased.

Apparently God has already prepared that well :-)

July 14, 2019

Wedding D&K

Today we as a community were able to organize a wedding for a couple of us for the first time.

Andreas brought a very appealing input and gave testimony.

We were able to bring in the gifts and talents that God gave us in many areas.

From the table decorations to the music, everything was well organized. We also gave each guest individual Bible verse cards, which were very well received.

Some even gave feedback that the Bible verse they were given was a perfect fit for their current situation!

In addition to conversations, it also emerged that people were prayed for.

It was a great celebration with a lot of joy and the palpable presence of God!

June 14, 2019

Garden party - baptism

Today there was a nice garden party at the community and we were able to baptize some people again. There were seven today. The Holy Spirit was there and led the prayers for the baptized people very strongly and also gave deliverance for some.



future projects...

5th - 7th November 2021 appointment workshop

Good news from Hochimst in Tyrol: The "Haus des Lebens" seminar center has set an appointment for us in winter 2021 to hold a seminar on the subject of vocation. At this point we want to thank you for your prayers. We are aware that this is an unequivocal answer to prayer. In any case, we look forward to helping some people to discover their calling next year. Together we see our task in helping people to come into their God-given calling. With various practical exercises and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we try to get the participants from A to B. We will love to help people with our enthusiasm to dream big and trust our father to keep his promises. Here is the link to register if you know someone who would like to discover more what God put him in the world for:

Link: Seminar: Follow your destiny, November 5th - 7th, 2021, Hochimst / Tyrol


future projects...

May 21-22, 2021 (Friday-Saturday)

Israel meets Lower Austria

Worship concert with JA from Israel

For the coming year we are planning a few days of reconciliation and releasing the relationship between the people of God and the body of Christ in Austria in association with various congregations and houses of prayer. Racism and above all anti-Semitism are always an important topic that should not be kept silent!

Anita experienced herself a few years ago (in Israel) how she was freed from this spirit of racism and only then did she have a heart for Israel. Yes, Christians can also be affected. Maybe even without being aware of it. This can be carried along for generations. We just know that the time is now and that God cares very much.

It is therefore important to do something about it!

The date on May 21 and 22, 2021 has already been fixed and we have already received a very great and well-known worshiper from Israel - Joshua Aaron.

After the booking request, it turned out that he himself is very happy to be there, as there are also victims of the Holocaust in his family. This confirmed our plan yet again. The venue was also an answer to prayer.

We are allowed to hold the ecumenical service on this topic in our government district in the Landhaus in Lower Austria.

That means in the "political headquarters" of the largest federal state Austria.

We had a special prayer time in October. A prophet from Israel came as a surprise and confirmed that we should hold this event next year, where it is about reconciliation between Christians and the people of Israel. He talked about the fact that around the 13th century a total of seven Jewish provinces were settled along the Danube from Budapest to Linz. Anita and a sister in prayer, had the impression weeks before that we should go on a boat trip where we should pray along the Danube, give praise and liberate various places from racism and anti-Semitism. The picture was that the Danube should be swept with blood and corpses, from the time the Danube flows into Austria until it leaves the country again.

The prophet said that at this event I should break the covenant that the Austrian people had declared for the 1000-year Reich with Hitler. I then had a picture of how everyone at the event should do a physical act to fix this bond. Just as many at the Hitler Bund did it at the time by raising their hands in the Hitler salute, they should now either raise both hands or put one hand on their hearts or just hold out one hand to God to express this covenant with Jesus to fix.

Nevertheless, there are still so many unanswered questions that we are currently moving before the Lord. What else is there to do? Which political representatives and church officials should we invite?

Here, too, we are very grateful for your prayers, as a small team has already formed, people who have a heart for the cause and are ready to serve.

It is interesting that through this "commission from God" some brothers and sisters have already been convicted by the Holy Spirit himself that there is still a problem in their hearts on this subject. We are of course very happy when there are such great "side effects" in this project that only God can do. Alleluia!

Here is the link to more information about the Danube project ;-)

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