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I'm 61 this year and about 11 years ago I was able to get to know Jesus better. But I have only built the right relationship with our Father in Heaven since I started visiting the community in Obergrafendorf in 2017.
One day my older son Thomas told me about the community in Obergrafendorf. I accompanied him there. In the beginning everything was alien to me, because I did not know praying, as people did this, namely the direct conversation with Jesus. So I started attending the meetings regularly. It was becoming easier and easier for me to just talk to God. I found the worship songs particularly beautiful. I also got to know the Bible better.

Unfortunately, I never read it until then. It was very interesting, but I couldn't understand some sentences and statements. But in the community I was allowed to ask again and again and got the corresponding answers. I felt very comfortable there. All of this has changed my life, my character and my attitude, because I was actually a quick-tempered person, never paying attention to my words. I judge people very quickly without even thinking about who I am.
Through reading the Bible and the conversations and prayers I saw people with different eyes, namely full of love and mercy. As I took Jesus into my life, I became stronger in faith and more positive. I also learned about the holy spirit and received baptism from the holy spirit.
From then on I heard a voice in my mind telling me what is good for me and what is not.
For example, the following happened:
My son Thomas informed me that he would bring his 3 children over to me and that they should stay with me for 3 days.
I woke up at 4:00 a.m. the night before and couldn't get back to sleep. I got up and was very nervous, sweating and afraid that I would not make it. Then I heard this voice that said I should lie down and sleep, the Lord will take care of everything. I did so and immediately fell asleep.
The next morning my son called me and said that he and his girlfriend had thought of everything and still didn't want to bring the children. At that moment I couldn't get a word out because I knew God was there and had helped me. From that day on, I had unlimited trust in our father.
In the Bible passage Mathäus 6/27 it is written: "Who of you with all your worries can extend your life even for a short period of time? This impressed me very much and never let go." I really try all the worries that arise in me to give to Jesus. My life feels easy and beautiful.

During this time my husband was not enthusiastic about my work and the community, so I prayed that our father would change something for him. This miracle also occurred about a year ago. I was just visiting my sister in Eisenerz alone. One day he called me and kept talking about Jesus and how great everything was. He told me that he woke up at 5:00 a.m. and had a lovely feeling of peace and love flowing through him.

He has never felt anything like it. He felt the closeness of God. At first I didn't know my way around, but slowly I understood what happened. Jesus showed him that he really existed and made him feel his love.

It was the most wonderful gift that God gave me. I was finally able to talk to my husband about the Bible and Jesus. It was a wonderful time for us. Since that day we have prayed together before we get up every morning, we lay our worries there and get up full of peace and joy.

My son baptized me underwater on my 60th birthday, a wonderful feeling. I felt a little closer to Jesus again. Through the community I became a different person, I became aware of who I am in Christ and what I have to do. God is so good and I don't want to live without him anymore. His love is the most beautiful thing you can experience. Today I know that God led me into this community so that I could have the opportunity to experience his love, grace and mercy.

I thank the community for that. God uses people to bring others closer to HIM.
In Philippians 2/1 it says: "There are so many good things to say about you: As people who are connected to Christ, you encourage one another and are ready for loving consolation. You can sense something of the community that the Spirit is with you God works, and warm, compassionate love connects you. " That is why I am convinced how important community is, because he too wants to have community with us.



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