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Paar am Wasser


September 2020

First of all, thank you very much for your commitment to pray for us! Our Almighty God bless you and a loved one for it! Here is a brief overview of the past few weeks.

A challenging time lies behind us:

Me, Anita, went to the gynecologist for a check-up. I was pregnant at the end of the third month, but at that appointment I found out that I had lost the baby. I was really shocked by this news.

A few days later the doctors advised me to have an operation so that the "dead tissue" could be removed. But I just had no peace about the, for me, rushed surgery. After a few examinations and days later, I was advised to go to the hospital for a blood test and examination every two days in order to avoid sepsis, which unfortunately can occur in such cases. With Corona on the neck, no easy task.

Then, a little later after the corona test and the urgent advice of the doctor, I had to go to the hospital and wait for the operation. But I still had a total restlessness and still no peace about the situation.

Late in the evening, after a time of prayer over the phone with a friend, I left the hospital on lapel. And that was a good thing. All the impressions and words that I had received in the last few weeks and days simply spoke against it.

What women are expected to do mentally and emotionally is terrible. You are barely carrying a child and a few days later you should literally have it “scraped out” within 10 minutes.

I can now well understand that many women, years after this shock experience, did not come to terms with what happened there.

Within the next two weeks everything went naturally, even if not pain-free. This gives you much better time to process things.

Yes, there are a lot of things I cannot understand, but I know that God makes something good come out of this too.

We recently had an impression of the Lord caring for the youth of the Catholic Church. It was clear talking about investing there. While these people have a strong community and do a lot together, there is no spiritual part in the meetings. Unfortunately, it's often just about partying and passing the time. That is why we have now contacted the management team with the request for an interview and they have already agreed. We would like to bring some input about our relationship with Jesus and then pray for the young people or maybe even pass on prophetic words if the Lord leads it. Another thought was to talk to the Catholic youth about calling. Here, too, we need prayer to meet open doors and especially open hearts in order to be able to do what God's will is.

For October we were asked to support an evangelism event. We both immediately felt from the Lord that it was a blessing and that we should be there. There are some planning challenges due to Corona, but the Lord is loyal and we are currently preparing to do a live broadcast.

For the coming year we are planning a few days of reconciliation and release of the relationship between the people of God and the Austrian people in association with various congregations and houses of prayer. Racism and especially anti-Semitism are more and more an issue and it is an important issue that should not be kept secret! It is really important to Anita that especially Christians examine their hearts before God, whether these spirits of racism or anti-Semitism are still present. Even if not noticeable, it was “born in the cradle” so to speak for generations.

Anita was only convicted by the Holy Spirit during a visit to Israel in 2016 that she had a problem with it. Her heart was really changed through repentance and she was finally able to bless Israel and its people with conviction and love and pray for them. Only a few weeks ago Andreas had a release during the deliverance prayer from hatred of foreigners.

The date on May 21 and 22, 2021 has already been fixed and we have already received a very great and well-known worshiper from Israel - Joshua Aaron. There are also victims of the Holocaust in his family. This created an initially unconscious bridge to this event.

Yet there are still so many unanswered questions that we are currently moving before the Lord. Where should the event take place, should it take place in a public place or in a Christian location, which representatives of politics and dignitaries of the church should we invite?

Here, too, we are very grateful for your prayers, as a small team has already formed, people who have a heart for the cause and are ready to serve. But many helpers and of course intercessors are still needed for such a spiritual dimension!

God gave Anita the impression that this project removes another "wrinkle" from the bride in order to be able to face her bridegroom Jesus, holy and flawless, as it says in Ephesians 5:27.


  • The evangelism event in October 2020: so that many entrust their lives to Jesus Christ

  • Healing for our hearts after the loss of our child

  • Open doors with the young people of the region and wisdom how we can pick them up

  • God's will for a dear sister in the Lord (Dörthe) who is tormented by illness.

  • Reconciliation event 2021 Austrian Jews, that we get clarity where the event should take place, and other practical things about the organization.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and your love!

Be blessed with Eph. 1:17:

"I pray that God - the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father to whom all power and glory belongs - will give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you will get to know him better and better."

Sincerely, Your Anita & Andreas

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